Get Clutter Free with Pinterest

It’s that time of year, to start spring cleaning. After a long winter of hibernation, our house can get cluttered so fast. 422 Storage knows how to help! We recommend Pinterest, a site full of helpful tips, pictures, and links for home improvement, special events, and most importantly organization. You will be amazed by all the fun ideas you find. The links below will get you started, and keep you motivated. Let’s get clutter free with Pinterest!

Get Clutter Free with Pinterest


Before you organize:

Preparation before jumping right in, will make the headache and hassle of getting rid of the clutter easier.

  • Make a plan of which rooms to start with, and make sure you have everything you need to keep items together.
  • When searching on Pinterest remember to be specific with your search. For example, Kitchen cabinet organization.
  • Some links on Pinterest have been disabled or are spam. So, double check your link works.


Getting started:

When you are getting started remember to take one room at a time. Devise a plan and stick to it. You can do this!

  • For those odd items you aren’t sure how to clean, use this easy link to find solutions to cleaning catastrophes.
  • Many times when you are decreasing your home remember items can be used elsewhere in the house. Reuse and recycle items from around your home.
  • Keep your bedroom the sanctuary it should be by getting the mess out.
  • No one likes a dirty bathroom. These simple cleaning hacks will make cleaning a breeze.
  • A happy kitchen is a clean kitchen!


Organizing your Life:

Budgeting is important when tackling any home renovation or project. Stay on top of the finances to ease all your worries.


422 Storage has storage experts to guide you into the perfect space. When you need a little extra motivation or more space, we are here to make a difference. Stop in to talk with us about all the possibilities.

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About the Author: Paige is a Social Media Coordinator at Storage Asset Management in York, PA. She brings the most useful storage tips and tricks to your social media feed and loves a good self-storage pun. Beyond work, Paige spends her free time traveling extensively, her most recent trip being the Andes Mountain region of Bolivia.