End of Summer Self Storage Tips

As back to school season approaches so does the cooler weather, are you ready? 422 Storage is here to make your transition from summer to winter a little easier. Clear out the shed, clean up the house, and stay organized with these self storage tips. Our Palmyra PA storage facility is a secure place to store all types of belongings; everything from the RV to your box of clothes.

Self storage tips: Storing for the winter

Self Storage Tips Palmyra PA

  • Fold clothes loosely to prevent hard creases. For more delicate items, use a hanging rack or purchase a wardrobe box from our office.
  • When storing yard fertilizers or pool supplies keep them along the wall of your unit and in a single layer. Stacking plastic containers can cause them to become brittle and spill.
  • Use dust covers to keep dust and dirt from making you clean your furniture again.
  • If your camping gear is constantly being used, look for any tears or broken tools before the last camp out.
  • Use sandpaper to remove rusty spots on metal outdoor furniture. Once the piece is rust free, apply a generous coat of fresh paint to seal in your hard work.
  • Keep a path through your unit so you can find what you need right away next year.
  • Clearly marking what is in each box will be helpful come spring time.
  • Grills bring the crowd to the latest BBQ but after the season is over, leave the food fans outside, clean your grill from top to bottom. This will keep rodents from damaging your items

Our self storage tips are here to make storing your belongings simple. At 422 Storage we aim to make your next storage rental simple with tips for packing your belongings and supplies to get the job done. Let us help you store your seasonal gear today by giving us a call!

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