We Love Our Palmyra, PA Neighborhood

We are proud to say Palmyra, Pennsylvania is our home. Nestled in Lebanon County near our states capital, you will find our little spot on the map. We want to take the time to say we love our Palmyra, PA neighborhood and we are happy to be here! There are great events that happen in our town and we couldn’t help but share what we thought made our neighborhood special.

Palmyra, PA

Our land, first inhabited with Native Americans, was settled and developed by Germans and Scottish settlers. Our Native American heritage lives on in the names of rivers and creeks in the area, Qitapahilla Creek, Swahadowry and the Kitttantiny Hills. In the early 1700’s Palmyra had a large population of immigrants but the one that made the most impact on Palmyra was one John Palm. He was the doctor, a solider and citizen of the early community. He passed away in 1771 but not without serving his community in every way possible. This mentality of helping those in need lived on through the members of the town and his family. The town of Palmyra or originally Palmstown, has gone through many changes over the years but has always lent a helping hand to neighbor’s. 422 Storage is glad to be part of the helpful community.

Palmyra has wonderful family fun events! From bowling at the Palmyra Bowling Alley, to watching a movie in luxury at the Palmyra Cinema Center, we have something for everyone. Plan an active day of fun at the Paramount Sports Complex or the Ninja Warrior course. 422 Storage is located two miles from all these locations; so stop in to say hello! If you are looking for something unique Palmyra, Pa has some of the best figure skating shows around! Try out your figure skating skills at the Klick Lewis Arena or watch the local figure skaters show. No matter what time of year you visit us, check out the Farmstead Farmers market. You can find locally grown vegetables any time of year!

Here at 422 Storage we love our Palmyra, PA community! We are the one stop shop for your storage and packing needs. We have experts to help you protect your belongings and supplies to keep the clutter away. Stop in to say hello and gather your packing and moving supplies.

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