Securing and Organizing Your Storage Unit

Perhaps the most important feature of a storage facility is its security. At 422 Storage in Palmyra PA securing and organizing your storage unit is made easy with our moving supplies sold on site. Wondering if your belongings are safe should not be a thought of constant concern. Alleviate that concern by storing with us!

Why is our facility right for you?

Finding the storage unit to meet all your needs does not have to be hard. At 422 Storage we offer a safe and convenient place to store your valuables. Our facility features digitally recorded security cameras to make sure your items are safe.

The importance of a good lock

It is important not to place just any lock on the outside of your storage unit. Locks come in many different shapes and sizes, which often relates to the measure of their effectiveness. If you want to add a layer of protection for your unit, we recommend using disc locks. Disc locks, which we offer in our office, are great for locking up your precious belongings at the storage unit. Due to a locking mechanism that is hardly shown, these locks can greatly reduce the possibility of a break-in.

Additionally, our facility is surrounded with a fence and provides a gate for your convenience.

Organize yourself and give back at the same time.

Securing and organizing your storage unit in Palmyra PA is far from difficult. At 422 Storage we offer the moving supplies you need to ensure your items are safe. Pack up your belongings and allow our temperature controlled units to protect your belongings from the harsh temperatures of summer and winter. Choosing your supplies from us will go a long way!

A portion of supplies sold this month will benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation. To ensure your items are protected, stop by our office and pick up all the moving supplies you need.
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