Using Commercial Storage for Your Business

Is your business taking over your house? It may be time to expand. Commercial storage can help you make room for your business to grow. 422 Storage’s facility in Palmyra, PA, has experts and resources to help make that transition easier. Explore our available storage units online through our contactless storage rentals to find solutions for organizing your business.

Small Storage Units at 422 Storage in Palmyra PA

How Can Businesses Use Commercial Storage?

Your business can benefit from commercial storage at any stage, including starting up, expanding, or moving to a new location. Giving your business the extra space only leaves it room to grow. Clear the space around your workspace to stay organized, and leave your home storage free for personal and everyday items.

Use commercial storage to store inventory and equipment. They will always be close by when you need to access them, and features like temperature-controlled storage units will assure your items stay safe and in-tact.

Businesses That Can Use Commercial Storage

Quite a few, if not all, businesses can take advantage of commercial storage. Here are a few businesses that commonly store with self storage.


Between materials, heavy equipment, and tools, contractors generally need extra storage. You do not have to keep all everything in your truck or home garage. Take only what you need for each job and keep the rest with us. Construction teams can use this space to keep supplies left over from past jobs. Landscapers can keep mowers and other large equipment covered and easy to access with drive-up storage units. If you frequently work in the Palmyra PA area, let 422 Storage help you get organized.

E-Commerce Businesses

Keep your home workplace clear for what is important—creating your product and engaging with your customers. Supplies and inventory can be tucked away in a nearby storage unit. Access merchandise when orders come in and leave a load when you finish a batch of products. It is a good idea to store in a temperature-controlled storage unit to make sure your items are not affected by extreme cold or heat.

Sales Representatives

Whether you are selling clothing or pharmaceuticals, you have a lot of inventory. That might start taking over your basement and living space very quickly. Keep everything organized with us until you need to put together orders. We can also store supplies that you acquire for future projects. Traveling sales reps can use self storage to keep their inventory in a central location.

Commercial Storage at 422 Storage in Palmyra, PA

422 Storage on East Main Street in Palmyra, PA, can take care of all your business storage needs. With a range of sizes in drive-up and temperature-controlled storage units, we have all the tools to help your business excel. Protect your valuable equipment by investing in a secure storage space near you. You can rent a storage unit now and move in immediately during access hours, or you can reserve one for future use up to 2 weeks in advance. 422 Storage is here to support your business through downsizing, upsizing, and everything in between. Get started with us today!

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