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storage packing tips
storage packing tips
Packing tips to prepare for successful storage
March 6, 2018
It is almost time to open the windows and watch the flowers bloom, but before that happens find the storage packing tips for your spring cleaning projects. 422 Storage is helping you get your home summer ready. A little extra space may be exactly what you need when the school lets out and the kids […]
recycle Palmyra, PA
Where to recycle in Palmyra, PA
August 21, 2017
This summer was full of fun times with the family but now it’s time to prepare for the cooler weather. If your gear needs updated but you do not know how to properly dispose of older items, let us help. 422 Storage provides the storage units for decorations, beach gear, outdoor equipment and more, but […]
Business storage Palmyra Pa
Can you benefit from business storage?
July 25, 2017
Are you a small business in the Palmyra, PA neighborhood? If you are considering storage to help your business grow, 422 Storage on East Main Street is the place to go. A storage unit is used by many expanding entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a restaurant searching for a place to keep the seasonal patio furniture or […]
summer gear
Getting Your Outdoor Gear Ready
May 1, 2017
Are you planning a big trip this year? Keep your outdoor gear organized and ready to go without hogging any extra space in your house. 422 Storage in Palmyra, PA has the storage units your equipment needs! Camping gear, patio furniture and other outdoor tools can take up so much room in your home. Before you know […]
Get Clutter Free with Pinterest
March 1, 2017
It’s that time of year, to start spring cleaning. After a long winter of hibernation, our house can get cluttered so fast. 422 Storage knows how to help! We recommend Pinterest, a site full of helpful tips, pictures, and links for home improvement, special events, and most importantly organization. You will be amazed by all […]
How to Organize Room by Room
January 1, 2016
Organizing rooms can be a challenge. Whether it’s cleaning up the living room or sorting items in the kitchen, organization can be a time consuming and stressful thing to do. However, experts say that getting rid of excess clutter would eliminate 40% of the housework in the average home (napo.net). We know your 2016 resolution […]
Organize it with our Sorter
January 7, 2015
Is your New Year resolution to organize? To much clutter in your home? Organize it with our sorter. Sorting through your belongings is the first step to a clutter free space! This step can be intimidating so we developed an easy way to decide whether to toss, donate, or store your belongings! With our sorter you […]
Storing in Cooler Temperatures
October 8, 2014
Winter is quickly approaching, are you ready? Here are 5 ways to help you when storing in cooler temperatures. Understand what you are storing. Give each item a quick inspection. Make note of any fragile items and take the necessary steps to protect those areas on whatever you are storing. Also note the condition of […]
How a Self Storage Unit Can Help With Home Staging
April 29, 2014
Are you planning to sell your home in the near future? Congratulations! Making this kind of move is an exciting experience. Of course, it can also be a bit nerve-wracking. This is especially true when it comes to making your property stand out from all the rest.   The Art of Staging   Homeowners who […]
Top 10 Fall Re-purposing Tips
November 1, 2013
We think it’s important to not only go green & save the planet, but save some green for your wallet! Check out these cool re-purposing ideas with items you will find laying around the house!   Top 10 Re-purposing Tips: 1.       Re-purpose an old frame for a vanity serving tray 2.       Use a Twister Game […]