Clever Ideas for Garage Storage

We tend to rely on our garages or sheds to hold all of our seasonal gear and extra belongings. However, what if there were quick and simple ways to organize your garage so that everything was easily accessible? 422 Storage has many convenient tips that you will want to know for organizing your garage.

Garage Storage Tips

  1. Turn one wall of the garage into a slat wall, so you can hang as many baskets or hooks as you need.
  2. Stack old wooden bottle holders/crates for storing shoes, boots, gloves, and hats.
  3. Turn a corner of your garage into a mudroom.
  4. Use old gum containers for holding screws and nails.
  5. Slice pieces of PVC pipe and nail them to a wall to hold your gardening tools.
  6. A wire basket can keep all of the sports balls laying around in your garage contained in one area.
  7. Place a magnetic strip on the wall to hold all of your screwdrivers, wrenches, and scissors.

Are you interested in learning more clever ways to organize your garage in order to reclaim your space? Check out what the experts are suggesting at Handyman!

With the use of self storage, you can help yourself in keeping the garage organized. Plus it allows you to fit your car back into the garage again when the winter season arrives. Discover our 422 Storage facility in Palmyra, PA and start storing today by renting online!

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