Finding Holiday Decoration Storage Near You in Palmyra, PA

Already dreading dealing with your Christmas lights? When it comes time to take down your decorations, look to self storage to get everything organized. At 422 Storage on East Main Street, we offer drive-up and temperature-controlled storage options, either of which would make excellent holiday decoration storage in Palmyra, PA. Once you decide what kind of storage would work best for you, follow our tips below for packing your decorations to stay secure.

Holiday Decoration Storage 101

Holiday Decoration Storage Ideas for Keeping Clutter Away

Protect Your Ornaments

Ornaments are some of the most fragile holiday decorations in your home. Give them the protection the require with extra padding and support in storage. You can wrap them individually with newspaper or bubble wrap, or section off your box so they do not rattle around and crash into each other. Leftover cardboard from delivery boxes makes for easy and flexible padding for ornaments. See what you have lying around your house to recycle materials that may otherwise be cluttering your space.

Get a Box or Bag Large Enough for the Tree

Your best hope is that you saved the box in which your artificial tree was packed. It is already the perfect size to fit your tree. If that is not the case, you can purchase a tree bag that is designed to protect your tree until next Christmas season. When taking down your tree, be gentle so you do not lose too many needles. Take your time folding in the branches and detangling lights.

Put All Wrapping Supplies Together

The beginning of the holiday season is all about stocking up on supplies for wrapping. But the end of the holiday season forces you to make decisions about what to hold onto for next year and what to just toss. You are going to wrap presents again, and again…and again. Save your gift bags and wrapping paper, and pack it into a temperature-controlled storage unit to prevent damage.

Look Into Local Self Storage Options

As the holiday celebrations come to a close, finding a suitable and safe storage solution for these cherished decorations is imperative. Utilizing self storage close to you for holiday decoration storage offers numerous benefits that help preserve the longevity of your items while maintaining an organized and clutter-free living space at home. By keeping your holiday decorations in a secure environment, you ensure their pristine condition, making them readily available to brighten your home in the coming years. Self storage facilities also provide the flexibility to easily manage your collection, regardless of size, and find affordable seasonal storage outside of your primary home storage.

Holiday Decoration Storage at 422 Storage in Palmyra, PA

Whether you need long-term storage or holiday decoration storage, 422 Storage has the solutions for you in Palmyra, PA. Our self storage facility on East Main Street most conveniently serves residents of Palmyra, Coffeetown, and Palmdale. We offer drive-up storage units, as well as temperature-controlled storage options that can protect your holiday decorations through Pennsylvania’s changing weather patterns. In addition to storage units, we also have outdoor parking for you car, boat, or RV. Stop by our facility to browse our selection, or continue contact-free by renting Palmyra, PA, storage online!

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