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Ready to start storing with self storage but are not sure how to start packing? 422 Storage offers resources as well as a range of temperature-controlled and drive-up storage options. We sell storage supplies on-site at our Palmyra, PA, facility, so you always have what you need. To get you started with packing, here are some tips for how to pack your boxes for storage!

Moving Supplies at 422 Storage in Palmyra PA

How to Use Storage Supplies to Secure Your Belongings

1. Use Your Newest Boxes for Fragile or Heavy Items

Quality matters! Do not risk damage to your items because of a box breaking. We know you might have old boxes lying around that you want to use to store items, but all are not created equal. Check the quality of each box beforehand, and pack your fragile and heaviest items into your nicest boxes. If you need more boxes, 422 Storage’s Palmyra, PA, facility on East Main Street sells storage supplies in our front office.

2. Do Not Pack Your Boxes Too Heavy

Many people make the mistake of overpacking large boxes. They pack items in based on size without considering the total weight of the box at the end. While it’s important to utilize the space within a box to its full potential, overloading it with heavy items can lead to unintended consequences. An excessively heavy box can be difficult to lift and maneuver, increasing the risk of injury to your back, arms, or legs, as well as potential damage to the contents of the box itself. Moreover, an overly heavy box may become structurally unstable, potentially collapsing under its own weight and damaging other items during transit or storage. To ensure a manageable and secure packing process, strike a balance by filling the box to capacity while maintaining a weight that can be comfortably handled. This approach not only guarantees the safety of your belongings but also promotes a more efficient and injury-free moving or storage experience.

3. Label Everything

As soon as you leave your storage unit for the first time, you might forget where a lot of your items are. For easier and quicker access in the future, label your boxes with the room in the house that box will be unpacked into, as well as the contents of the box. It may seem tedious at first, but you will be thankful when you are looking for a specific item later.

Find the Storage Supplies You Need at 422 Storage in Palmyra, PA

422 Storage offers drive-up and temperature-controlled storage units to serve our tenants. Including outdoor parking spaces large enough for boats and RVs, our storage facility is fully equipped to handle any storage need. You can rent or reserve affordable storage options today with our online storage rentals. Our storage calculator can assist you in choosing the ideal storage unit size to take on your load, and our professionals are available in person and over the phone to assist you. And if you need extra boxes for packing, we sell storage supplies onsite at our Palmyra, PA, facility. Start storing with 422 Storage now!

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