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Last month we told you how to prevent damage from happening to your winter clothing. Check out that blog here. This month, we are getting ready to start packing up the summer gear and putting it into storage while taking out the fall/winter items. Seasonal swapping can be a stressful time for a first time self-storage renter. We have put together some helpful instructions to make your storage experience a breeze and save you countless trips to and from your storage unit.

There is a lot involved in planning your trip to your storage unit.
  1. Sort your belongings that you are taking to your unit and place alike items into piles.
  2. Properly pack each pile. Take precautions to stop damage by using moving blankets, totes, and sturdy cardboard boxes. If you need packing supplies, we have an assortment in the office that you can purchase.
  3. Keep a list of the items you are storing. This way you know what you have in your storage unit each time you swap items out every season.
  4. Plan in advance what is coming back with you before you go to drop off your items so you don’t have to take multiple trips to and from your unit.
  5. Travel to your unit with the items that you are dropping off and enough boxes, blankets, and totes to bring home the items you were storing.
  6. If you are using a trailer to move your belongings make sure your tires are inflated to the correct psi. Securely strap down your belongings so you don’t lose any items.
  7. When you arrive at your storage unit, remove each item that you plan to take home with you. Clean up and clear out the space to start unloading your vehicle.
  8. Pick your items up from storage and pack them carefully into your vehicle. Now enjoy them for the start of the new season!


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