Top 5 Self Storage Supplies You Did Not Know You Needed

Moving and storing, you will need supplies for both, but which do you choose? Our storage experts in Palmyra PA can help you narrow down your storage unit size as well as what tools you need to pack everything. With multiple storage units ready for rent near you, find a convenient place to store your items and the self storage supplies you need here at 422 Storage.

Tools For Your Move

  1. Boxes – Keep the small boxes for heavier items like books.
  2. Tape – Secure boxes from top and bottom using the tape dispenser and have a few extra rolls on hand.
  3. Tarps – Put a tarp over boxes and large furniture in the storage unit to keep dust off.
  4. Storage Lock – We have these for sale! Weather-resistant and convenient, our locks will be the final step to your move to storage.
  5. Bubble Wrap – Secure loose items for safe travels to the storage unit.
  6. Moisture Protectors – Our temperature-controlled building monitors the degrees but it is helpful to monitor the humidity as well with our Damp Rid products in the office.

Why Our Supplies?

  1. Convenient
  2. Expert advice available
  3. Purchase Supplies for Parking
  4. Benefit a Great Cause During October

During October when you purchase your self storage supplies with 422 Storage we will donate to the Susan G Komen Foundation at the end of the month.

Need More Help?

Use U-Haul’s guide for purchasing supplies before you move. This way you stay on track financially and never run out of boxes.

Our storage size guide can walk you through the choices we offer for storage units and how much can fit inside.

The goal at 422 Storage makes your storage experience a positive one. With online tools and on-site professionals, our storage units in Palmyra PA can assist with your extra items.

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