Top Mistakes College Students Make When Renting Storage

Are you a college student looking for nearby storage? 422 Storage in Palmyra PA can take care of your apartment items in between semesters, so you do not have to travel home with as many objects. Self storage is a secure solution for those in temporary spaces. Use your storage unit as wiggle room during moves, or rent one throughout the school year to keep extra seasonal clutter out of your living space. See what 422 Storage can do for you!

Do Not Make These 3 Top College Student Storage Mistakes

Renting the Wrong Size Storage Unit

It’s a common oversight among college students to overestimate their storage needs. Many students, when faced with the task of storing their belongings during summer or a semester abroad, opt for larger storage units, anticipating a need for a large amount space. However, more often than not, they end up utilizing only a fraction of the rented storage unit, paying for space they don’t use. It’s essential for students to accurately assess their storage requirements before choosing a unit size, ensuring cost efficiency and optimal use of space.

If you are unsure about the size storage unit you need, consult an expert at our office on East Main Street. You can also check out our online storage calculator for an immediate storage unit sizing recommendation.

Not Getting Storage Protection Plans

Tacking on a protection plan while renting your storage unit is a must. Such plans offer coverage against unexpected incidents, like water damage, fire, theft, or other unforeseen events. For students, many of whom might be storing items for the first time, these protection plans provide peace of mind. We offer affordable plans at 422 Storage if you do not already have your own insurance.

Forgetting Which Items Are in Storage

When you are moving your belongings between home, school and storage, it can be difficult to recall where you leave certain items. Make note of the items you leave in storage, and update your list as you swap items in and out. Self storage is meant to make your life easier, and staying organized will give you the best chance at success!

422 Storage’s Palmyra PA Self Storage Units

We have plenty of storage options for you at 422 Storage to find exactly the right storage unit size and amenities to help you out. Rent a temperature-controlled or drive-up storage unit from our facility on East Main Street. Looking for vehicle storage? Try our secure outdoor parking spaces! Check out our available storage units in Palmyra, PA, online!

Through our online storage rentals, you can browse through our selection of different storage options at your leisure. When you decide on a space, you can choose to rent it to move in right away or reserve the space for a near-future date. Enter in your payment information for easy automatic bill pay for your future months, and make sure you never miss a payment. 422 Storage makes the entire storage process simple—from the time you are searching for your space to the time you are removing your belongings from your storage unit. See how we can help you today!

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